Teaching Online

UCF is Migrating to a New LMS

UCF is preparing to migrate to a new version of Webcourses@UCF. This is a big undertaking that will ultimately effect all online course sections.  There is a great deal of curiosity about what the system upgrade will look like and when the migration will occur.  The purpose of this site is to provide information about planning efforts, learning management system reviews, timelines, training opportunities, and additional support as it becomes available.

Why Are We Changing?

There are a number of factors influencing this undertaking. Most importantly, our current system, a Blackboard product called WebCT Vista, is being discontinued by the company at the end of 2012. In addition, learning management systems (LMSs)—other terms are sometimes used, such as course management system or CMS—have evolved since we began using our current platform. Blackboard itself has a newer and more sophisticated system, called Learn 9.1.  Other vendors have competing products with differing capabilities.  In addition to Blackboard’s Learn 9.1 platform, we are going to evaluate two other platforms this summer, Instructure Canvas and Desire 2 Learn.

What was Webcourses2@UCF?

Webcourses2@UCF was the name used for the migration pilot. We began using this term in Spring 2012 for our preliminary pilot. Four faculty and almost 300 students tested Blackboard Learn 9.1 with live courses in Spring 2012.  In Fall, 2012, over 30 faculty (teaching 76 courses) and nearly 2,500 students participated in the last migration pilot using Instructure Canvas.

On Tuesday, May 7, 2013, Webcourses2@UCF was officially retired and is no longer in service.