Teaching Online

Comparison Charts

These charts provide a comparison of tools in Webcourses@UCF (Blackboard Vista) to those available in the three learning management platforms.  These documents will be updated as we learn more about each system.  We welcome all comments, additions, and corrections.

Comparing Webcourses@UCF to Canvas

Comparison of the features in Webcourses@UCF to Instructure Canvas.

Comparing Webcourses@UCF to Desire2Learn

Comparison of the features in Webcourses@UCF to Desire2Learn.

Comparing Webcourses@UCF to Learn 9.1

Comparison of the features in Webcourses@UCF to Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP8.

LMS Evaluation Checklist

The LMS Evaluation Checklist will be used to evaluate the three platforms.  The checklist was initially created through a collaboration between the Center for Distributed Learning, Computer Services & Telecommunication and Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.  The checklist was sent to each vendor for completion. Additionally, the checklist will be used by the CMS evaluation teams and faculty participants.