Teaching Online

Webcourses@UCF Migration

On Friday, July 20, 2012, UCF announced that Instructure Canvas will be its new LMS platform. Canvas will replace the current system, Blackboard Vista, which is being discontinued by the vendor. Following a six-month evaluation process in which faculty, students and staff exhaustively reviewed three alternative learning management systems, the overwhelming recommendation was Canvas from Instructure.

Migration Timeline

The migration from Blackboard Vista to Canvas will begin in Fall 2012, with a limited number of courses running in Canvas in order to adapt business processes and integrations between PeopleSoft and Canvas. Beginning with the Spring 2013 semester, all courses offered each term are planned to be offered in Canvas. If you plan to teach a course using UCF’s learning management system in Spring 2013 then you must migrate your course now. UCF will continue to brand our learning management system Webcourses@UCF.

Cloud Hosting

Although UCF has supported online courses using on-campus servers for the past 17 years, Canvas will be hosted off campus on Amazon Web Services (in the “cloud”). Unlike other learning management systems, Canvas does not require its customers to go through periodic disruptive upgrades or periods of downtime; rather, updates are rolled into the product (for optional adoption) every two weeks. Running on Amazon Web Services will allow Canvas to scale up computing and storage resources automatically, as needed; thus, we should see no impact from the rush of activity during semester start-up, midterms, or final exams.


For general questions or comments about the migration process, you may contact the Center for Distributed Learning at distrib@ucf.edu.

For technical questions about your current Webcourses@UCF course section, getting a Canvas sandbox account, or Canvas technical support please call Online@UCF Support at (407) 823-0407 or complete the online Support Request form.